Student Council

Congratulations to all those who made student council 2019-2020. We can’t wait to get to know you all! We will have a parent meeting Wednesday, April 17th at 5:30. Make sure to come with your parents to get the details for the year. If you can’t come please contact Ms. Nielsen or Ms. Valentine. 

2019-2020 Student Council

 9th Grade SBO: Ben Parker, Taylor Russell, Melissa Swalberg, Erin Malouf, Jackson Zurcher, Rosie Hamblin, Reese Oliveira, and Elyssa Ostler.  

 9th Grade Officer: Paige Topham, Talya Seal, Maddie Smith and Ammon Strickland

 8th grade officer: Kade Nyland, Sarah Swenson, and Cam Evans

7th grade officer: Austin Simmons, Gemma Trampleasure, and Davis Schulthies.

 Student Body Artist: Jenna Stucki

Media Specialist: Matt Foote

Historian: Capris Christensen